Extinction looms?

The clever squad?
Brains Miliband style Brains Miliband style
At the moment the future of Nulabour, so some say, hangs in the balance. Like a threatened species the very survival of Nulabour is doubted. And if saved, then the question how on earth to reintroduce it to its former habitat weighs heavily on the conscience of caring folk throughout the nation. It is at this point that we are told, 'Zoos are vital'. For they can build up the numbers of a species before re-introduction but for this to happen new DNA is essential. In politics this is the same as a new leader.

Gossip has the name of David Miliband put forward as the collection of cells that will save the party from extinction. But will it? Being old has advantages. I can remember when the name of Neil Kinnock was doing the rounds, in whisper form, as the way to save Oldlabour. His 'colleagues' would line up to say how he was not interested in leadership but just wanted to 'help' his party. The man himself would do umpteen interviews talking about anything but leadership. In one I recall old freckly face and ginger hair was on top of a Welsh hillside with a village below grinning for all he was worth.

It was at this time we learnt that Kinnock had a thing about his old school uniform, he likened the black and white blazers in serried ranks at morning assembly to the uniform of the Waffen SS. And I don't know why, it was never made clear. We also learned that this Socialist and man of principle would never take a peerage. Some said he was not too keen on what we now call the EU either. Time moved on and Neil Kinnock became Leader of his party and a Peer. He also went onto the payroll of the European Union. But then so did the rest of his family.
Brains Kinnock style Brains Kinnock style
Time is always on the move so how long will it be before we have the sight of David Miliband with reading glasses on the end of his nose, the black hair, once smoothed down to his forehead with industrial grade adhesive, turned all lank and grey. The bright features now the perfect gift to the cartoonist all crumpled and a challenge to a TV studio make-up-artist and looking like a version of Hiram J Hackenbacker, he was Brains in the TV puppet show Thunderbirds by the way (see below right). If Miliband becomes Leader and should the attempt at Party revival fail on his watch will it matter? Is the relevance of National parties and the office of Prime Minister now in decline? The House of Commons is the mere District Office of the European Union. When Kinnock was being touted as saviour of his party the UK was an independent country now it is different, time has moved on. Why should Miliband bother, perhaps there is a better job ahead? He could be something big in the EU.

So what has he been saying to the Press? Well Nicholas Watts of the Observer interviewed him on 23rd of September 2007 and very entertaining it is too. The date is just before the Labour Party Conference of that year so Miliband is still pretending that Gordon will go from the Conference to a general election and win. Miliband tells us that -
The 'real' Brains The 'real' Brains
"The caricatures that were put up about Gordon have proved to be just that.The truth is he is a man of depth - deep values, deep vision, deep sense of the future of the country, deep intellect, deep humanity".

That's five deeps and a depth. And I suggest hilariously funny although somewhat unhinged. Mind you Miliband is pretty deep himself, here's an example -

"The contours of the the foreign policy landscape in the first quarter of the 21st century are now clear. They are defined, in my view, by the following notions; that in the world there is, at one and the same time, great progress and great insecurity. There is a struggle between progress and insecurity".

I have to admit that set me thinking, and I bet you wish you'd thought of that, really... deep eh?

Now I realise that too much of this deep stuff might be a bit indigestible but I think we should have just one more pearl of wisdom from the great sage, here it is -

"David Cameron is the perfect opponent for Gordon Brown if you're Gordon Brown. And Gordon Brown is the nightmare opponent for David Cameron if you're David Cameron".
And the PM (for now)And the PM (for now)
You can laugh or cry, its your choice. There is no hope for Nulabour if that's the best they can do. Mind you why bother with having such a genius as Prime Minister when the job is worthless. Such a man with a deep intellect, or such a pompous deluded twit, should go straight to the EU and take up the job his old boss Tony Blair hankered after but failed to secure - President of Europe.