Mayor of London

The race is on:

Dursley Pedersen bicycle
Dursley Pedersen bicycle Not so many weeks ago in a radio interview the present Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, got terribly excited as this year's Tour de France was starting from... London. According to Ken, here was another example, as if it were needed, that London was, under his thumb, doing it right. And then he went on to implore ordinary people to get a bike, to do their bit and 'help' etc. At no time was there a mention of the phalanx of vehicles that follows this event, and the fuel they burn, or the disruption caused.

Sensing that things were going over the top, the interviewer asked our Ken if he had a bike. After some unconvincing huffing and puffing, and the suggestion that, following his introduction of the congestion charge he would be unsafe on a bike, the warrior socialist wheeled out his trump card. We were told his family were "too poor" to give him a bike. At that point were the eyes of the nation filled with tears? Not according to the informant of this snippet; in fact, he said that in his house the people fell about laughing.

Moulton bicycle
Moulton bicycle The organisers of the Tour, and perhaps Ken, might have hoped that the cross channel start would give the race a bit of a lift, a shot in the arm is perhaps not the right metaphor. But then this event, which could well be renamed the Tour de Farce, as per normal, ended in fiasco. Having set off from London with the best wishes of all, it soon became the drugs and scandalfest that marked it out as being just like any another year. At the start it was reported that some national newspapers had failed to send reporters. But as time moved on and one of their men, or a home team, moved up the leader board, nationalism crept back as did the reporters. There is no chance that the London Olympics will end in the mire is there? That would be awful.

Anyway time moves on, and in another interview Ken let slip that he is reading his way through the last few years' worth of newspaper articles written by Boris Johnson. It was Ken's opinion that Boris was to the right of Norman Tebbit and had no policies. This simple remark tells us far more than first hearing might suggest. It shows that Boris is a serious candidate, as the present Mayor thinks so. That old fashioned linear politics, the beloved left, centre and right of the ice age still counts for some. After all Tebbit is a nice chap etc, but it's going back a bit don't you think? Also that in writing in newspapers, and being paid for this, that Boris would drone on about policy rather than seek to entertain. Finally the bit about policies, or the lack thereof, apart from fear and loathing of 4x4s what is Ken all about?

Big hug
Big hug The fact is, Ken is dull; he may be a chum of Hugo Chavez, a hugger of Yusuf al-Quaradawi, but dull is dull. If we recall Tony Blair, remember him? The saccharine rictus, the pausy emotive speech style, he may have, at first, been seen as the nicest PM since records began, but it all counted for nothing at the end. And end it did. An ungrateful nation you may say, but such is life. Having sloughed off one remnant of a bygone era who knows what the public may do next? And there is at least one opinion poll that puts Boris ahead of Ken. Do not forget that Boris is a fearless cyclist around the streets of the capital.

So the race is on, and what if there is a doping scandal to come? Well a few weeks back when the nation got itself another, newer PM, you had noticed, yes? Well there was an outpouring of admissions. It was the "I smoked dope at university" time of year. Unfortunately the incoming bunch of puffers looked, and sounded, no better than the out going folk. So the whole exercise was a waste of time. Some people even suggested that there was a whiff of band-waggoneering going on. Especially as most of the freshmen puffers smoked, but did not inhale. This leading to the suggestion that had they done so, the government today might have had more vision, a better perspective, more something, or at least have been a bit more humorous.

Yellow jersey,the winner?
Yellow jersey,the winner? One story here at tee2i we like a lot, even if it is apocryphal, but then who knows? Is that when offered some cocaine Boris got a sneezing fit, and so blew the white powder away! It would be premature for Boris to start thinking ahead to a new lifestyle. But we have noticed that the upcoming Olympics in Beijing are still seen in terms of the land grab and disruption that the Chinese government has put on to the ordinary people. The financial goings on at the London Olympics are not encouraging. This great event could turn into a millstone for someone. But back to the main point, the race is on, and Boris Johnson in a yellow jersey? It's possible, perhaps.