Abuses of power?

Cheers VaclavCheers Vaclav

Our hero, Vaclav Klaus, the president of the Czech Republic, and his wife Livia have been on a short tour of the Balkans, including attending the launch of the Albanian edition of his book, Blue Planet in Green Shackles, which has the temerity to contradict man-made global warming. Here is a man of intelligence, courage and humour who is standing up for democracy despite the hate and abuse which comes his way from our 'political class' in the EU.

In faraway Brussels furious diplomats were calling for his impeachment and even his country’s expulsion from the European Union because of his obstinate refusal to sign the Lisbon treaty. Klaus, now the only European leader holding out against ratifying the document, made it clear he did not give a damn. See here.

Meanwhile, one of the main players in the EU, whose rotating presidency was praised to the skies both by himself and the Brussels' apparatchiks, has been throwing his weight about. President Sarkozy by using nepotism, a political show trial and bowing to pressure by his wife has generally been doing his best to create a banana republic in France. Perhaps he's trying to outdo Berlusconi?