Labour shame

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After the expenses scandal we have the BBC trailing a show about the effect of this on MPs. "I walked down the corridor and saw three MPs in tears......................" How sad. They said there was to be a new start, a new morality.

Now we have the scandal of most of our Labour MPs as reported in the admirable Daily Mail campaign series on Gary McKinnon.

The Tory call for an urgent review of the controversial Extradition Act 2003 has been voted down by 290 votes to 236. Alan Johnson even had the gall to dismiss the suggestion that the extradition arrangements between the UK and the U.S. were 'somehow unbalanced'. (To cries of disbelief from the other parties.) The Mail states:

Eighty-two Labour MPs signed three Parliamentary motions, dating back to 2005, opposing the Extradition Act and sending Gary McKinnon to the U.S. for trial.

But only eight of them had the integrity to back the Tory Opposition Day call for an 'immediate review' of the one-sided treaty. Of the other 74 Labour backbenchers, 59 displayed rank hypocrisy by supporting the Government. Another 15 abstained.

The Daily Mail has a list. Amongst the 'turncoats' are: those self-proclaimed upholders of our liberty Diane Abbott and Glenda Jackson. Even the sainted Frank Field merely abstained.

Kate Hoey, as usual, displayed her normal moral integrity. Our new Supreme Court, refurbished at a cost of a mere £59 million pounds and with a carpet designed by Peter Blake, will soon be the lovely place where our judiciary extradites British citizens to the USA and the EU without a trial.

Right honorourable Labour MPs who also supported the motion were: Jeremy Corbyn, Jim Devine, Lynne Jones, John McDonnell, Mohammad Sarwar and Alan Simpson.