The LibDems awake?

Nick Who?

The bird has flown? The bird has flown?

The financial downturn, for a while, looked as if it would be of great benefit to Gordon Brown. With the Tories on the rise the rightish minded Nick Clegg (see right) went all supportive and 'helped' the Tories put Mr McEyebags back in his box. Well a fat lot of good it has done the LibDems and Clegg, who has been ever-so-slow to spot this. This interesting article by Peter Hoskin in the Spectator sums it all up perfectly, see HERE.

It is said that Lord Peter Longtitle as un-elected Deputy Prime Minister has, as his main job, to keep Nulabour in power long enough for Lisbon to be done and dusted. As a former MEP Clegg owes something to his old employer, after all there is a substantial pension at stake here.

Clegg is not popular with his party, and they are not popular with the electors. Traditionally the LibDems are where the voters go when they are in a bad mood. It is a way of punishing the main parties. But this time at the General Election the mood is darker then has been seen for a long time. Also voting for the LibDems is not as it was, they have been rumbled.

It is now seen as party that has failed to exploit the troubles of either Nulabour as a party, or Gordon Brown as its failed leader. But most of all the EU remains as big a ball and chain as ever, and still clamped firmly to the LibDems. The Euro elections showed this to be clear. But the LibDems just don't get it.

The case of Gary McKinnon is back in the news now, even Sarah Brown has waded in, alas all this did was to show that the PM has had plenty of time to show leadership here on this matter, but no - all McEyebags could do was say “I wunt to wuk with Barack Obama”, to save the world apparently. So that's his chance gone.

But who is as keen as mustard for this type of extradition to go ahead to the EU?
That's right, Nocklegg and his silly party. It is fortunate for the LibDems this case involves the USA and not the EU. But the LibDems love of all things EU has put them in an awkward position. How to speak up on the McKinnon case without being reminded of the prospect of a similar case in the future tripping them up then, as this case is hurting Nulabour now?

The LibDems, they had a chance and blew it.

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