Media storm, climate change not involved.

But a change in attitude from the MSM, police and politicians is vital

Editor, teacher?Editor, teacher?
A tidal wave of details concerning the News of the World phone hacking now engulfs us all. Will we survive? In the ultimate act of self-regulation the NoW was closed last Sunday on orders from Rupert Murdoch. It remains to be seen if those other bastions of self-regulation, politicians and the police, can match this act when their turn comes. Their records so far, on other matters, don't exactly inspire confidence. But you do get the feeling that this story has more than just one over-energetic tabloid, a few bent coppers and our political superiors to it.

This hacking story is the perfect media storm. Prior to the arrest of Andy Coulson how many people would have been able to pick his face out from a crowd? It's the same with ex-editor Rebekah Brooks, due to the hair most people when asked would have muddled her with ex-teacher Katherine Birbalsingh. And only those people who spend their time within the MSM bubble would have known that Rebekah Brooks and Rebekah Wade were the same person. The whole thing is worse than mad.
Editor, teacher?Editor, teacher?
Although being nothing more than a media storm this story has amazing stamina. It's well over a week long now but still yet to develop beyond the 'journalist whacks journalist' stage; although the 'walking wounded' in the shape of Gordon Brown and Ken Livingstone are now sounding off. Naturally when it comes to self awarded superiority the BBC and the Guardian are in the lead; hence, we may surmise, the superiority! But there is a niggling doubt as, many hours before the arrest of Coulson the Guardian was gleefully trailing this development. So was this an honest and smart bit of reporting or do they have their own 'contacts' in high places!

In an interview in the Telegraph , John Yates, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan police, said he has no intention of resigning. But Yates was given charge of the original inquiry on the basis that he is their safest pair of hands and, on his own admission, it all went wrong. This must give hope to Brooks! But on the other hand one is reminded of the phrase, 'deputy heads must roll'. Many people wonder what will happen to Sir Ian Blair or Baron Blair of Boughton as a result of all this. Always thought of as a Nulabour man, most of the hacking problems date from his time on watch. So the question about Yates is this, "is he being set up, is Yates the fall guy"?

It is also reported that there's a growing tide of ill feeling between the police and the MPs. Well let them fight it out. Along with the MSM respect for the police and our MPs faded years ago. They deserve each other in this weird three corner fight. However, the public deserve better from all of them.