If seven maids.....

Archived Stop Press article

Welcome to ZimbabweWelcome to Zimbabwe

'If seven maids with seven mops
Swept it for half a year,
Do you suppose,' the Walrus said,
'That they could get it clear?'
'I doubt it,' said the Carpenter,
And shed a bitter tear.

It's the turn of the Portuguese to run the EU and they see absolutely 'no problem' with Robert Mugabe attending the Africa/EU summit this December, despite the EU travel ban on him visiting all 27 EU countries. I suppose there will be old friends for Mr Mugabe to meet such as fellow dictator Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, so that will be nice for him. The sensible thing to do would be to nab him whilst he's there. After all that's what happened to Pinochet. But I suppose that would upset his friends. In the meantime the Zimbabwean Minister of the Environment and Tourism is having a rest from his arduous duties at home and chairing the UN Commission on Sustainable Development. The UN's website tells us that, during his current appointment, Francis Nhema has been instrumental in establishing several Trans-frontier Conservation Areas between Zimbabwe and its neighbours. He has won several awards for his conservation efforts and outstanding public services. He has also established several committees to ascertain how the country could derive maximum benefit from the football World Cup. Perhaps the idea is for tourists to stay really, really cheaply in one of the remaining Zimbabwean hotels then nip across the border for the games? What is the point of satire nowadays?