The Sun goes down

Archived Stop Press article

Ex-editor and now ex-candidate
Mackenzie, early loser Mackenzie, early loser
We are now told, June 16th 2008, that Kelvin Mackenzie the ex-editor of the Sun will not be standing in the by-election at Haltemprice and Howden. Mackenzie in interviews not so long ago made it clear that he had been told by his ex-boss Rupert Murdoch to put up against David Davis. So 'the Sun says', "stand up", and then later, "don't stand". Perhaps after the initial moments of bluster Rupert Murdoch and his candidate realised that outside of the Westminster bubble there is a very different mood, and that they had missed something. Too right. There is tremendous support for Davis across the UK. But then we too will miss something. In their muddle in the bubble Murdoch and Mackenzie were perhaps dusting off that old familiar headline, 'it was the Sun wot won it' ready to claim victory. Too soon, too soon, for I was looking forward to umpteen headlines reading 'it was the Sun wot lost it'. Ah well, it was good while it lasted.