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Some things wrong and some things right

The Bishops The Bishops
Much as to be expected the MP expenses scandal story has become dominant in the media. This accords with the public mood but some people in high places fail to grasp what's going on. They also seem to fail to report the facts.

Just before the holiday weekend The Archbishop of Cantebury Rowan Williams decided to 'speak out'. This time it was to suggest that we should stop the 'systematic humiliation' of MPs. Williams had been quoted in an article for the Times written by Ruth Gledhill, who not surprisingly, was kind to her source.

The Daily Mail also reported the same story but was less star-struck saying - "Unlike many previous holders of the highest post in the Church of England, Dr Williams has not been reluctant to wade into political affairs".

Lumley for Foreign Secretary

Hurrah for the Gurkhas. Forget Joanna Lumley as PM, she should be Foreign Secretary. Just imagine how smoothly our international relations would run with her superb diplomatic skills, charm, wiliness, integrity and intelligence.

The real need for an election.


Gordon Brown tells us that an early general election would not solve the expenses scandal that has gripped parliament and says that the parliamentary system itself had to be overhauled.

\"The problem is parliament. The solution to this is to clean up the system...Those people who somehow believe that this can be sorted out just by a few names changing on a few name plates are wrong.\"

However, the cleaning up of our democracy could take a while. There's the separation of the executive and the legislature, the cleaning up of Lords' and councillors' remuneration and expenses, the electoral system, quangos and on and on.

The main reason for an immediate election is that the Conservatives have promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty if it is not ratified by the time they take power. As our main parliament is Brussels that is why we need an election soon.

Limited expenses.


Extra checks to link July 7 attacks ringleader Mohammed Sidique Khan to terrorism did not take place because of limited resources, according to a report from the (ISC) Intelligence and Security Committee. See here.

The police and MI5 did not have enough money to monitor terrorist suspects such as the 7/7 bombers.

But we spend billions on wars to keep us safe on the streets!

Things will never get better?

I'll claim if you do.I'll claim if you do.

Evidently the Mainstream media had always known about Damian McBride but failed to report on him and his ilk because this would have damaged their access to politicians and the Downing Street machine. Similarly, the MSM have always known about the expenses fraud and have accepted this for similar reasons. We have heard little about other expenses, for example my MP claims his high expenses are used to keep his constituency office, which is a regional Labour office, open five days a week yet cannot manage to answer a letter or e-mail. Councillors are invisible until a note comes just before an election. Shouldn't their expenses be online? Local papers find it hard to criticise the local council as appointments, advertising and access depend on good relations. And so it goes.

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