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Pots and kettles

as does the EUas does the EU

The Liberal Democrat shadow Home Secretary, David Howarth, tries to claim the high ground regarding civil liberties. He says the Lib Dems will, like the Tories cancel: the NIR, ID cards and ContactPoint. Similarly they will also remove the innocent from the DNA database and roll back some of the RIPA powers. He mentions the unfair extradition treaty under which Gary Mackinnon is being extradited to the USA, which the Tories also oppose.

However, he castigates the Conservatives for not believing in major aspects of civil liberties, see here.

Nulabour nu leader?

Or just another maverick?

Change? Perhaps not!Change? Perhaps not!
Jon Cruddas, (see right) now he's a bit of a laugh. It seems after umpteen years' membership of Nulabour he's spotted there's a bit of a problem, where's he been these last few years and what has he been doing to have missed the obvious? Cruddas was elected to parliament in 2001 and being the sort of chap he is, was no doubt a party member even in the days when his bike had stabilisers. His whole life and that of his family have been dominated by Nulabour, perhaps for him there is no life outside the bubble.

He is the man who does not want, so he says, to be the leader of his party. To underline this he keeps on saying it. And when he's not saying it directly he sort of drops hints about it. Cruddas is like so many of the Nulabour folk who do not want to make waves,

The new semantics and pragmatics.

Vorsprung durch spiegelVorsprung durch spiegel

We are often told that we are in the post-democratic society. This may be characterised by: non-representative elections, no respect for citizen rights by the state or its representatives and the assumption that administrative proceedings control conflicts of interest rather than democratic processes.

You could say that this is what we have in the UK as we are subservient to the EU. In the EU we may vote for a party but that party receives no funding and has no power unless 25 MEPs from at least seven other parties from different EU states form a group. Hence we are not represented by the party we voted for.

Save the Commissioner - sod the tuna.

'Two jags''Two jags'

In an interview with the Independent, the well known environmentalist, gourmand and adulterer, John Prescott, argues that Europe's targets of cutting carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050 may not be enough to get developing countries into a worldwide deal at Copenhagen in December, and that 40 and 90 percent targets respectively may be needed. Meanwhile, the European Union is continuing to busily destroy the world's fisheries.

In the European Union the demise of the bluefin tuna rests on political infighting.

Compare and contrast elections

But ours are better than theirs'

Ballot box battlesBallot box battles

Even before the elections in Afghanistan those in the know could see corruption all around. For this was the process by which the present Afghan leaders and political class got their positions, it was also clear they were in no mood to give way.

The election monitors did not have it easy, but the attitude of the EU monitors was very generous. To paraphrase them we could say that there were things wrong but never mind, that's life. Such attitudes really all depend on how you see democracy.

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