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European Citizen Card

EU citizen cardEU citizen card

The shadow home secretary, Chris Grayling, has today written to the five main companies involved in the national identity card project warning them that further contracts will be scrapped by an incoming Conservative government. See here.

He also claims that the government is bent on a \"poison pill strategy\" by building penalties into new contracts designed to prevent the cancellation of the projects.

But the most significant part of Grayling's letter discloses that the Conservatives will not cancel the two main contracts signed in March to upgrade the passport/identity card application system and set up a biometric database which form the main building blocks of the project. Perhaps he realises that he may have little control over this matter if/when the Lisbon Constitution Treaty comes into force.

Minitru - Conservative style.

you lied!you lied!

The Conservatives have been using weasel words for many months regarding the Lisbon Treaty. They pretended to be outraged that Labour was not going to give us the promised referendum and fought for this in the Commons, knowing full well that they would lose the vote. They then promised a referendum if they won power as long as the treaty hadn't been ratified by everyone else.

William Hague kept telling us that the Conservatives: "would not let matters rest there." Such obfuscation led to many thinking that the Conservatives would 'do something' regarding Lisbon. Many were dubious but may have voted Tory because of a certain amount of trust.

Now Kenneth Clarke has spoken: “If the Irish referendum endorses the treaty and ratification comes into effect, then our settled policy is quite clear – that the treaty will not be reopened.”

At least he's being honest. So now nice Mr Hague and nice Mr Cameron have been exposed as being economical with the actualité, if not downright liars.

We are also told by the Conservatives that we need 'first past the post' elections in order to have effective government.There is a lot of truth in this but if all major parties totally ignore the wishes of the electorate, do not keep to manifesto promises and obfuscate prior to elections then some sort of PR is needed.

The real fascists

Labour party posterLabour party posterNuLabour lied about WMD, plagiarised to create the dodgy dossier, helped kill and maim tens of thousands. NuLabour is complicit in extraordinary rendition and torture. NuLabour covered the country in CCTV and tracks your every movement with ANPR (automatic Number Plate Recognition). NuLabour wants to give us all a number and put our details on the NIR, having already done this to our children on the ContactPoint database. The police hold the DNA of thousands of innocent people including children. If you attend a demonstration you will be photographed and may be put on another database. NuLabour wanted 42 day detention and has signed up to fast-track extradition without trial to other EU countries.

However, tens of thousands of young people seem pretty oblivious to all this and aren't particularly bothered about an ID card system which, incidentally helped the Nazis pinpoint the Jews. See here a short video on the database state in 1930's Germany.

Rigged against democracy


Mary Ellen Synon in her Euroseptic blog tells us that:

I've just been to vote at my local polling station here in the Etterbeek commune of Brussels. Not that I had a choice whether to vote or not. Voting in Belgium is compulsory.
I could not pick out and choose a particular candidate for whom to vote (even if I'd found one I liked) because the candidates are organised by a list system, so the party has most of the control over who might end up with a seat in the European Parliament.
More, the system is electronic. That means there is no way I could have spoilt my ballot, or at least, no way that I could figure out, and I did give it some thought. It seems you are pretty much are stuck in the polling booth until you cast a vote for one of the party lists, even if you hate every list on the screen.

Telescopic environmentalism*

El PorkoEl Porko

Christopher Booker writes that:

...the accepted measures of global temperatures show that their trend has been downwards since 2002, declining at a rate that averages to about 0.25 degree per decade. Yet such a fall was predicted by none of those 25 computer models on which the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change..... the prospects for a new treaty in December, which according to an estimate by the International Energy Agency would cost us all $45 trillion, are not looking too hot. The Chinese and the Indians insist that, since all this global warming is the fault of the developed world, they will only sign the treaty if we agree to pay them $300 billion a year. The Africans and South Americans make similar demands.

We have already passed the Climate Change Act, committing us to restrict our CO2 emissions within 40 years to a level only 20 per cent of where they were in 1990. President Obama has committed the US to the same.

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